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Top 5 Pairings with your Bathorium Bomb

by Bathorium Team June 03, 2015

Top 5 Pairings with your Bathorium Bomb

We've matched the perfect beverage to enjoy while bringing back the bath with Bathorium. 

Half the experience of creating the perfect tub is the atmosphere. From the music, to the candles, and most importantly the libation. We have tried and tested many combinations of pairings for our bath bombs and we have picked our Top 5 for you to try. Enjoy !  

1. Chardonnay 

Our Pick: 2011 Tawse Estate Chardonnay (Ontario) 

Our Pairing: La Vanille 

Bathoriums La Vanille bath bomb pairs perfectly with a Tawse Chardonnay- the sweetness of the brown sugar on the nose works in tandem with the dryness of the wine.Organic vanilla pod and vanilla essential oils, rich in smell, balance the oak flavours in the Chardonnay while hints of lemon oils in the bomb match the acidity perfectly.

2. Green Tea 

Our Pick: Tease Tea 'Crime of Passion'  

Our Pairing: Sabai Bomb

 Our newest bath bomb to the family is Sabai, and while we are wine enthusiasts here at Bathorium, we do love a great cup of tea. In particular the Crime of Passion blend from Tease Tea pairs perfectly with Sabai. This tea is blended with passion fruit in which compliments the citrus tones of the red mandarin and lemon grass essential oils in the bath. The aroma of the coconut milk in Sabai extenuates the floral tones in the tea, you'll see. 

Green tea is lightly caffeinated as well, a perfect pair to our energize collection.

3. Pinot Noir 


Our Pick: 2013 Blue Mountain Pinot Noir (British Columbia) 

Our Pairing: CocoCreamer

Our signature bath bomb CocoCreamer has been a long time favourite with the B Team, and our pick every time to pair this is a big glass of Pinot. In the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia you will find some of the greatest wines Canada has to produce and our absolute favourite is Blue Mountain. The light cherry flavours and hints of floral tones match the lavender essential oils in the bomb. The subtle coconut smell in the bomb complements the lighter taste that is typical with Pinot Noir, pour yourself a glass and make the tub your temple. 

4. Black Tea 

Our Pick: Tease Tea 'Duchess of Earl' 

Our Pairing: Snooze Bomb 

Another favourite from local Canadian tea company, Tease Tea is the Duchess of Earl. This blend consists of a base of black tea, rose petals and cornflowers. Snooze Bombs primary fragrance is floral essential oils that really match the floral notes in the tea. Bergamot essential oils are found in both Duchess of Earl as well as Snooze bomb and this combination really is a perfect match. Steep a cup tonight.

5. Bourbon

Our Pick: Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon 

Our Pairing: Pomelo

Bourbon and bath time may seem a bit strange, but trust us when we say our Sud-molier's have been testing out these pairings and we can say in confidence that this a force to reckon with. The bourbon we have chosen is from Woodford Reserve and with notes of dried fruit, cocoa, oranges and tobacco the citrus of the Pomelo pairs wonderfully. Grapefruit and orange oils in the bath dance on the nose and give levity to the smokiness of the bourbon, make sure you take the bourbon on a few cubes and the bath nice and hot, be the change. 


Bathorium Team
Bathorium Team


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