A favourite snack at Bathorium HQ, to say we are popcorn obsessed is an understatement!

In honour of Popcorn Lovers Day, we're bringing you our favourite popcorn recipes we just can't get enough of.

Kourtney Kardashian's Golden Popcorn - turmeric, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper is all you need for this tasty and beneficial popcorn blend.

Our second recipe is actually one we were put on to by Bathorium's Founder Greg! Once you try this tangy + savoury popcorn you won't go back to boring old kernels again. Greg recommends taking this recipe to the next level by swapping your plain olive oil with a flavoured one like with the Cilantro + Roasted Onion Olive Oil from The Unrefined Olive. 

Are you a sweet Popcorn fan? Then Martha Stewart's Cocoa Popcorn its for you! Rich Cocoa Powder and salty butter will have you craving this irresistible treat.
If you have a little extra time and like to bring the heat then Rachel Ray's Spicy Popcorn is for you. This complex and decadent popcorn recipe is perfect for warming up after those chilly days. Try swapping your butter for Ghee in this recipe for a complex and delicious taste - we love Lee's Ghee!

Did you try one of these recipes? We want to see it! 

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