5 Easy Steps to Create the Perfect Romantic Bath

On a chilly evening, there is literally nothing better than soaking in a tub with your special someone in an extravagant array of bubbles, flickering candles and a vintage full body red. This valentine's day, create a romantic bath to whisk them off their feet and indulge in an evening of romance, fun and a party for two. 

step 1- set the scene 

Nothing ruins a romantic bath than the half squeezed bottles of Herbal Essence and rogue dried up razors. Remove all bath products from around the tub, and hide them. From there, give the tub a thorough rinse and remove any unnecessary towels, loofahs and hey- remove the shower curtain. Why not?

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step 2- draw the tub 

Start the water and draw the tub. We recommend pouring it slighter warmer than what you would normally put in as you may have a bit of a delay preparing the rest of the romantic bath. Also remember to not pour too high! You have two bodies in that bath, not just one. Water displacement 101. Choose your Bathorium bath soak wisely. If you are looking for a bath bomb soak- we suggest PartyFor2 (chocolate, rose, vanilla and cocoa butter). If you are a Crush fanatic, we suggest Sea Kelp Serenity (lavender, bergamot, shea butter). Either way, you are in for a treat. 

step 3- rose petals. all the rose petals.

We aren't going to lie to you- this makes a mess for clean up. We wouldn't recommend it though as step three if it wasn't crucial though. Buy a bouquet, go rogue and rip the petals off and sprinkle them ontop of the water, on the floor, maybe a path leading from the bedroom?

step 4- candles, wine, chocolates

Easy at it sounds. A few flickering candles throughout the room and on the ledge help create the mood. Get their favourite wine- whether that be bubbles, crisp white, a vintage red- or a can of budweiser.. make it special for them. Valentines day wouldn't be the same without the sensual experience of cocoa. Have some lying on the edge of the tub you can feed to your special someone! 

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step 5- music 

Setting the mood with some music gently playing in the back is the final key to the romantic bath time. Don't fret- we've made it easy for you. On the Bathorium Spotify we have curated a romantic bath playlist with all the perfect hits. Just log on- hit play, and enjoy. 

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