We Say No To Plastic: Après Bath Tea Bags

We Say No To Plastic: Après Bath Tea Bags

In our current global climate we are hyper aware of the environment and our effects on it. We pay more attention to what our products are being made with and how the manufacturing process affects our health. Tea bags have been in the news of late as it has been brought to light that many bags are made with PLASTIC!! In fact, most tea bags contain up to 25% plastic. Not exactly something you want to be steeping into boiling hot water.


Bathorium recently launched the Après Bath line featuring two teas. It was a conscious decision to create this line using not only compostable but also plastic-free pyramid bags. Our plastic-free pyramid bags are made from plant fibres. We want to deliver the highest quality tea bags without compromising quality and the environmental impact. 

Unlike bags made with nylon or other petroleum based compounds, Après Bath tea bags are made from sugar cane and corn/abaca. Proud to say we also work with a Canadian manufacturer to lessen the carbon footprint in the production of our tea.

What's In Your Mug?

Our friends at Tease Tea have also taken a stance against plastic tea bags as they introduced their pyramid tea bags to their lineup of loose leaf tea blends. Founder and Tea Sommelier, Sheena Brady explains the importance of compostable and plastic-free tea bags.

"According to a British Government waste company the environmental impact of tea bags could easily be reduced if people started composting them. For the most part tea bags are compostable but there’s 30% which is not. To keep the tea bag from opening they sealed it with a strip of heat-resistant polypropylene plastic. Leaving this to collect in our landfills year after year. This is why Tease uses plant based materials (sugar cane & corn fibres) to make our pyramid bags, with no staples or plastic, leaving you with a biodegradable tea bag & no environmental guilt. " Sheena Brady, Tea Sommelier 


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