Zoom-Fatigue.. new word for 2020? It started off as a fun way to connect and feel closer to those we could not be with in person at the start of the year. However as we wrap up this wacky 2020- can we all agree we have reached our capacity for Zoom and virtual meet-ups and look forward to human contact again.

This holiday season, it may be hard not to feel a little Grinchy. But before you say, “Bah, humbug,” and try to fast forward into the new year, look for ways to find some fun this holiday season.

The coronavirus pandemic may mean your holiday gatherings won’t look exactly the same as it usually does, but you can get creative and find some new ways to celebrate—and some of your ideas may be so good you’ll make some new traditions along the way.

1. Prioritize The Traditions Closest To Your Heart

We do realize this list may need to be altered- but within the scope of ones you can safely do- focus on those! Did your mom always bake her grandmothers gingerbread cookies on Christmas Eve? Make homemade eggnog while trimming the tree? Those traditions can still take place by giving mom a call to get the recipes and create them for yourself. See how well they match up to your moms version, maybe you'll love your baking even more! Here is a timeless gingerbread cookie recipe (incase mom does not have hers written down and only makes it by memory)

2. Do Your Gift Shopping & Shipping Early

The last thing you want to be doing leading up to the holidays is refreshing the tracking button on your holiday gift orders. There is still time- but the clock is ticking for orders to ensure an on-time arrival! Better yet- shop local. Support the shops in your community, many offer curbside pickup or free local delivery. Even shopping within your country avoids border delays and supports small businesses. That's something to feel good about this time of year.. and if you happen to add a little something in the order for yourself.. that's ok too!

3. Take The Tree Trimming Outdoors

Odds are you will be spending more time outside this holiday season, while safely connecting with those outside of your family unit. Why not take the decorating outdoors too where it can be enjoyed by all. This is the year to go overboard with decking out your deck or patio—and adorning an outdoor tree (or even a greenery in a planter) with LED lights and shatterproof ornaments is the way to go.

4. Make Special Memories

Have you spent more time this year with your immediate family- and at times run each other up the wall? Many of us have felt tired of another at one point in 2020. This time of year is magical and while it's still the same group of people- try and create new fun activities with a festive flair. Create a little advent calendar with festive activities for each day, rather than a treat. Your Christmas activities don’t have to be elaborate—it could just be drinking hot cocoa together wearing Santa hats or watching one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix—but it’ll help make the season brighter.

5. Spread Some Joy

There are many ways to get in the spirit and spread joy all the while staying safe (and off zoom). If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how much the people in our lives mean to us, so go ahead and spread some happiness where you can. Make Christmas cookies and leave some with your friends and neighbours—or drop off handmade cards at a local nursing home, hospital, or fire department to brighten the lives of the people there.

What better way to express your love for someone and share joy then giving the gift of relaxation and self-care...like a sending a hug right to their tub!