January is traditionally known as the month of resolutions, or attempted ones, including fitness and self care regimes. Charcoal Garden Detox C·R·U·S·H is the perfect addition to any detox routine you start in January, and this is one routine you will not want to give up on. 

"In a nutshell, activated charcoal works like a magnet to attract toxins and release them from our bodies", explains Dr. Hardick- Canadian chiropractor who has spend majority of his life working in natural health care. What better way detox your body, relax your muscles then enjoying a hot bath as a reward for your fitness endeavours.  

This C·R·U·S·H is about detoxing the entire body from the outside, in. Organic activated bamboo charcoal pulls toxins and free radicals from the skin while the spicy oils of basil and calming lavender soothe the mind. Epsom salts + french sea salts relax your aching muscles while a skin softening coconut milk envelops your entire body. For a total bath detoxifying experience, soak for minimum 30 minutes with a cold rinse shower immediately following. Slip into a heated bath wrap and drink 8-16oz purified mineral water to stay hydrated and repeat weekly.

While the use of activated charcoal has been more commonly known in recent years, and more detoxing products have emerged on the market- do not be fooled, it’s not a new discovery. In the ancient world, the Egyptians were said to have used charcoal for digestive illnesses and it was the Phoenicians who found the antiseptic properties of charcoal and used it for water purification.

The power of activated charcoal is the secret to your best skin. Dr. Sarah Villafranco- natural skin-care expert, explains the magic behind this black powder.

Because of its unparalleled ability to bind impurities and unwanted toxins, activated charcoal is brilliant for skin care. Used in proper proportions, it can pull toxins and contaminants from the skin and rinse them down the drain. It can also bind good stuff, like vitamins and minerals, so you must use it sparingly and in combination with the right replenishing ingredients.

As a result of the activated charcoal pulling toxins from your skin, it will work wonders to fight off acne-causing bacteria. It will also suck out like a magic magnet the impurities and reduce inflammation and keep your pores clean and clear.


Bathorium founder Greg Macdonald tells us a bit about Charcoal Garden Detox 

What is unique about Charcoal Garden Detox?
The ayurvedic balancing properties of this blend are like no other. Basil, charcoal and rose work in synergy with one another and help to ground the mind + body.

Why is this Crush blend your personal favourite?
Travelling so much and constantly plugged in for work is draining. This crush is my go-to to get back into routine and reset.

What tips & tricks do you have for using this product effectively?
I recommend having the water as hot as you can take it when using this product to raise your body temperature. Then when in the bath, I like to drink 2-3 cups of ice cold water to help flush out those toxins topically.

Why charcoal?
Charcoal is very popular in the beauty industry right now and for very good reason. Using an organic bamboo charcoal- it naturally pulls impurities, free radicals and toxins from the skin. When paired with the right hydrating properties and minerals it can be a huge game changer for a lot of peoples bathing routine.

What demographic of bathers is this Crush blend designed for?
Everyone. It really is a universal blend that at first- can smell a bit black-licorice/anise smelling (that’s that wonderful basil essential oil) but when the coconut milk, epsom salt and everything starts to melt in the water…. It’s bath time bliss.

The addition of charcoal based products like Charcoal Garden Detox is only one side of a full body detox. Another way to boost your January is with a juice cleanse consisting of consuming vegetable and fruit juice for a short period of time ( up to 3 days). Juice cleanse supports the body’s natural detox processes, clears your diet of sugar, caffeine, refined foods, and other foods and substances that can deplete your energy, and jumpstarts a more healthful way of eating.

Pulp & Press is popular Canadian company that will guide you through your juice cleanse journey and offer many varieties and bundles to get you started. Village Juicery in Toronto offers personalized, nutritionist designed cleanses that provide you the opportunity to reset your digestive system, detoxify your body, and welcome new positive habits.

Another create way to complement your detox is through natural supplements. Well Told Health crafts modern sourced natural supplements that are made with organic botanicals. Their health boosters are all certified organic and as company they believe in the natural healing of plants.

Lastly, two other key components of a proper full body inside and out detox to have you feeling your best to kick off 2019 is through physical activity and practicing mindfulness. The app ClassPass has taken working out to the next level in terms of flexibility and freedom of accessing countless classes. Their concept is simple- bring together all the information to make working out accessible from online workouts on your phone, detailing locations in your area based on the workout you're interested in and offering a membership to receive access to a variety of fitness classes. ClassPass has participating studios across the globe and growing in popularity.

Practicing mindfulness is an aspect of our daily routines that we often let slip aside as we hustle and bustle to get through our days. The art of being mindful is purely to be completely present in the moment and stop to notice everything around us- a skill that grows in effectiveness with daily practice.