5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Romantic Ambiance This Valentine's Day

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Romantic Ambiance This Valentine's Day

It’s almost Valentine’s day, and here at Bathorium we’re nearing the end of our 14 Days to Self-Worship. Nothing sounds better than a hot bath to wrap up a work week and settle into a relaxing and romantic weekend. 

We want to make that process as easy as we possibly can by creating a super simple 5 step process to setting the mood, and creating the perfect romantic ambiance. 

Clean Bath Set Up

1. Creating a Relaxing Space

There’s nothing worse than sitting in the tub and feeling claustrophobic because the space you’re in is so crowded with all your other bath/shower stuff. The first step we recommend is removing all the shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles lying around your tub. Give your tub a quick rinse, hide all the partially filled bottles and stick them somewhere you won’t see while you soak. 


Drawing Tub

2. Draw The Tub

Pour the bath and throw in your favourite bomb, soak, elixir, or all three! You’ll want to draw it a few degrees hotter than your typical bath so it can come to temp as you prep everything else. Fill the tub up as full as you like it, keeping in mind that you want enough water to allow the product to emulsify into the bath. 


Plate of Chocolate Covered Strawberries

3. Accoutrements

What’s a bath without a couple of indulgent sides? Grab the chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, charcuterie board, the sparkling wine or any drink you’d like along with anything else you’d like to enjoy during your bath. Grab a few rose petals and throw those in for a romantic addition to your bath, grab the candles, light those and dim the lights!


Bathorium Spotify Playlists

4. Music

What better than to add some music to your romantic bath. We’ve made a collection of playlists on our Spotify account to make it even easier for you to set the mood you want. From the Lockdown Lovers playlist to the Karaoke Dance Party Bath playlist there is definitely music for everyone!

Relaxing Bath

5. Jump In And Enjoy

Okay, so maybe don’t JUMP, but climb in and enjoy the atmosphere you’ve just created for yourself, reflect on your day, take that moment for you and enjoy your soak!

Hopefully we’ve made setting up your romantic bath 10x easier, we want to see your beautiful bath set-ups! Use #bathbeautifully and tag us @livebathorium on Instagram to show us your romantic set-ups!

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