No Need To Say Goodbye to Bubbles: Guide to Summer Baths

No Need To Say Goodbye to Bubbles: Guide to Summer Baths

Ahh there’s nothing like drawing a hot tub after a cold winters day, indulging and unfreezing. Think baths are just for winter or cold days? Think again! If you’re a bath lover (as we are) and don’t want to forgo your self-care ritual, we have some tips to enjoy baths even in the middle of summer.

Having a cold bath in the early morning, and feeling cold water drizzle down over our body appears more upsetting than relaxing. Nevertheless, the deep breathing in reaction to our body’s shockwave helps us retain warmth, as it increases our complete oxygen consumption, liberating a rush of blood through our complete body. Take your bath to the next level of energy with Pomelo Grove -  uplifting Italian citrus oils cascade through the tub while fresh mango butter and Vitamin C brighten and hydrate lack lustered skin. Hot summer days with sunburnt skin are no match for Pomelo Grove!


Aside from the jolt it will give you to perk up in the morning, there are other health and healing benefits to take a cold/cool bath.

Cold water baths can progress your circulation by boosting blood circulation to mount our organs, which can support to combat some complications of the skin and heart. As cold water touches the body, it has the capability to enhance the blood circulation that can lead the arteries to pump blood more efficiently, consequently boosting our whole heart health, told Dr. Joseph Mercola, a regular health expert. It can also slow down the blood pressure, clear jammed arteries, and increase our immune system.

It is well known that athletes take ice baths after physical activity to lessen muscle soreness, but a fast cold bath after breaking a sweat at the fitness center can be fair as active, particularly in releasing delayed-onset muscle soreness. For a total bath detoxifying experience soak for minimum 30 minutes with Charcoal Garden Detox CRUSH in a warm bath and follow immediately a with a cold rinse shower. Slip into a heated bath wrap and drink 8-16oz purified mineral water to stay hydrated. Repeat weekly.


What could be more relaxing and tranquil then indulging in an outdoor bath surrounded by beauty? Yet, another perk of summer bathing! While some of these locations have warm weather year round, perhaps they can inspire you to create a summer bath experience by bringing in some of the outdoor elements. Better yet, pack your bags and take a trip to one of these two amazing travel destinations.

Fairmont Maldives- Sirru Fen Fushi, Maldives

Tangled up in fronds and jungle vines, the tubs at the Fairmont Maldives, Sirru Fen Fushi are brimming with bliss. Of the 120 villas on the private island, all of the Beach and Jungle ones come with freestanding outdoor tubs and alluring rain showers, which make for an unforgettable bathing experience. While there is plenty of melodious natural birdsong, each space is also equipped with a state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor Bose sound system, so you can take this island fantasy to the next level with your favorite music.

Bardessono Hotel & Spa- Napa Valley: Yountville, United States

With relaxed Napa Valley wine-country vibes and eco-friendly touches, the suites at Bardessono are all about coziness, privacy, and sustainability. Backyard sanctuaries extend from the already-spacious living quarters and feature outdoor showers with repurposed wood paneling, and an underground geothermal system heats the water for the chic stone tubs.

It turns out that a cool bath is the next best thing to having a swimming pool. With a few little tweaks to your regular bathing routine, soaking in the tub can actually be the perfect refuge from the heat. We can't all have a dreamy, Pinterest-worthy outdoor bathing situation, but we can feel like ethereal goddesses in our own bathrooms — or tropical mermaids, or whatever is the opposite from a sweaty swamp monster.

To create the perfect and most (literally) chill summer bath be sure to incorporate bath products that aid in cooling sensation. Products with eucalyptus or mint as core ingredients can have a cooling and relaxing feeling on your skin. Be sure to pick your products wisely- ensure synthetic fragrances are not the source of the mint or eucalyptus aromas.


Spent the weekend out on the lake, soaking up the rays of sunshine and coasted into the evening by the campfire and now you're left sunburned and covered in bug bites. Not to fret- adding the right ingredients to your bath will help soothe that sore and itchy skin. Oatmeal, especially colloidal (finely ground) oatmeal, moisturizes, helps protect the skin barrier, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Colloidal oatmeal has also been shown to promote skin repair after too much sun exposure ( sunburn).

Ancient Oat Hydration should be stocked for summertime bathing, thanks to its luscious hydrating rice milks and ground organic oats that feed dry skin while calendula flowers release their sweet gift.

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