How To Lean Into Bath Season

How To Lean Into Bath Season

We have said farewell to Summer and opened up our arms to welcome in Fall! The time of year when you get to pull out your cozy knits, light a fire, and enjoy hot apple cider. For bath lovers this season is especially exciting as we have missed our long hot soaks (hardcore bathers never really take a break during summer, merely adjust the water temperature). Here is a list of some things to prepare for the official start of bath season that go beyond the bath.

Time For Inventory

Last thing you want to happen is being all set for a relaxing soak and notice you're out of products to infuse your bath, your tub side candles are down to the wick, and your towels have seen better days.

Candles are a the cherry on top in bathing terms, and Campy Home soy candles "create only the best scents to warm your home and fill your hearts". 

Towels are something not to be overlooked! After a relaxing bath you want to be enveloped by a plush, luxurious towel! Brooklinen says it best "Wrap yourself up in something a little extra, daily!"

We'd be a miss not to mention what to include IN your bath as well. Whether you're in need to recover those sore muscles or craving that spa feel with the scents of Eucalyptus and Sage, we have you covered with our CRUSH bath soaks. Finish off your soak with Graydon Skincare - your soon to be thirsty winter skin will thank you!

Green Thumb

Have you taken your gardening or plant loving hobby to a new level during quarantine? Whether you're a rookie green thumb or a seasoned vet, here are a couple tips to prepare your plants for fall.

Cut back the water (and the fertilizer for that matter)

  • All houseplants require less water in winter. Over-watering is always dangerous, but especially so in winter. Make sure you’re not letting your pots stay too wet.

Give your plant a bath

  • Your plants need all the light they can get this time of year, so next time you water, rinse the entire plant and gently wash with a paper towel if necessary. Pro-tip: Stick all the plants in the bathtub and turn on the shower (gentle pressure)!

Increase the humidity

  • Low humidity in the cold months isn’t just a problem for people–it’s a problem for plants, too. Plants enjoy humidity levels around 50%, so keep your humidifier running if you have one. If you don’t, try clustering your plants together in the most humid rooms of your home (typically the bathrooms or kitchen)

Did Someone Say Soup?

Fall tends to bring out the inner chef within us and craving everything hearty and warm. As the temperatures dip, we heat up our meals selections. This is the perfect time to meal prep weeks worth of chilli and soups to keep stored in your freezer for the next cool evening. This winter squash soup by Ina Garten is sure to become a staple in your kitchen after the first spoonful. Click HERE for full recipe. 

 Quick Tips

As we prepare to spend more time indoors with the cooler weather ahead, here are a few tips for around the house.

  • Caulk around windows, doors and other openings
  • Shut-off and drain outside faucets
  • Clean and inspect your furnace
  • Test home safety devices
  • Clean and inspect your fireplace
  • Clean and inspect your dryer vent

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