Twinkle, twinkle little star... I wish a little wish upon you. Do you look up at the stars at night and whisper a wish to the first one you see?

This year, the Bathorium team is granting some wishes!

Leading up to the holiday season our team brainstormed a way to make some wishes come true for our fellow bath loving friends. Every order will receive a pre-stamped postcard along with their items. 

Holiday wishes postcard

Here's how to participate!

  1. Grab your card and fill out one of your wishes for 2021- it could be something for yourself, a loved one, your country, all of mankind, or something you'd like to manifest for next year.
  2. Next, fill out one gift that you're secretly hoping will make it on Santa's list. 
  3. Then, drop your card in the mail, and let the elves get to work!
You never know.... some of those gift wishes may find a way of coming true this holiday season!