Soak Into Self-Care Sunday

Soak Into Self-Care Sunday

Nothing screams the need for self-care more then a global pandemic and now more then ever, its time to put yourself first and and find ways to show yourself some love. You deserve it! When I think of self-care, I immediately think of a luxurious bathtub piled high with foamy bubbles. I think of soft candles and a warm cup of tea. I imagine relaxing music or guided meditation or maybe even a novel. What a great way to relax and recharge your body, mind and soul.

Self-care is crucial especially during times of stress or uncertainty and setting time aside to honour yourself and give yourself the care you deserve is vital to your wellbeing. Along with those blissful, relaxing moments in the bathtub and other physical forms of self-care, there are some excellent less obvious ways we can provide ourselves with some self care and show ourselves some gratitude. Afterall, 2020 has thrown a lot at us, we deserve a break.

Sleep the Stress Away

It may seem obvious but many Canadians and disproportionately women, do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to irritability, impaired memory, reduced physical strength and can even diminish the ability for your body to fight off infections. The basis of self-care is making sure your body is getting exactly what it needs to function and that includes a healthy sleep routine. Try setting a bedtime to avoid staying up too late, stop using electronics an hour before bedtime, do a relaxing activity before bed ( hello Bathorium Snooze Bomb!! ) and make your bedroom a comfortable, sleep inducing environment.

Unplug and Reconnect

It is so easy to spend far too long scrolling social media, online shopping or keeping up with the ever changing news but unplugging yourself from your phone is beneficial for you heath. Constant screen time can lead to headaches and eye strain and taking a break from your phone for a a few hours may be beneficial for your mental health as well. Set aside even one hour a day to do an unplugged activity. You can trying playing a board game, doing a puzzle, cooking some yummy desserts or writing in a journal.

Make Time for Yourself

I get it, life gets busy and sometimes the last person you think about is yourself but it’s so important to set aside time for self-care, even if its just 20 minutes. There are many times a day we can find small ways to include self-care in our daily routines. Listen to guided meditation, eat a nutritious meal, start a gratitude journal and write down 5 things each evening that you are grateful for, go for a walk in nature for some fresh air and exercise, do something creative like painting, drawing or pottery and of course, end your day with that heavenly bubble bath to relax your muscles and allow yourself the rest your body deserves. It's time to give yourself some care and bring back the bath.

Guest Blogger Bio

Ariel Taylor is a Mom, a Step-mom, a spouse and a 4x surrogate. She is passionate about all things self-care and personal development. She is currently in her 6th year of University obtaining her second Bachelors degree to become a registered Social Worker and plans to complete her Masters next year to become a registered Psychotherapist. You can follow her assisted reproduction journey and photo blog

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