Green Beauty Partner: Well Told Health


Well Told Health crafts uniquely blended, whole food, Health Boosters in small batches. They are science-based in their approach to overall health and are always learning, always innovating. We are now offering their Sleep Booster supplement with every qualifying order (minimum $50 order while supplies last).


Unable to find 100% clean supplements after being diagnosed with breast cancer, founder Monica Ruffo set out to create a modern source for natural supplements made with organic botanicals and nothing else. Monica realized that most “natural health” products are not natural at all; they are riddled with synthetics, fillers and isolates, and most consumers have no idea what they are putting into their bodies or even why. 

“I created a company that I wished had been around when I was doing everything I could to reinforce my own health and turn things around. Information on products was so hard to decipher, there is such a lack of transparency in this industry. I created Well Told Health as much for myself and the people I love as for everyone else.”



Well Told offers clean supplements that are crafted from organic botanicals. Nothing else. They offer booster ranging from energy, stress fighter, anti-inflammatory to sleep.

No synthetics. No fillers. Non-gmo project verified. Vegan


Bathorium and Well Told both believe in clean products that play a role in self care and living your best life. We have highlighted their Sleep Booster supplement as it a natural fit with any bath lover's evening routine. Start with a Snooze Bomb and allow the bergamot and patchouli oils to relax your mind, followed by a liquid lullaby of Après Bath tea and one Well Told Sleep supplement. 

Well Told Health- Sleep. The stuff dreams are made of. Promotes a state of calm and can be used as a non-habit forming sleep aid. Created with the highest quality most nourishing certified organic ingredients. 


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