Top 5 Famous Bath Scenes in Film

Top 5 Famous Bath Scenes in Film

Baths are great places to relax and unwind. So too are films. While baths aren’t always prominent in movies, there are some rather memorable scenes that have been filmed in bathtubs over the years.

In this post we combine the two and look at our top 5 bath scenes in film.

America Beauty (1999)

Here on Bathorium we believe we have all the ingredients for a romantic bath. One of the most sensual ways to create romance is to use rose petals by placing them on the surface of the water and around the bathroom. The film that made this seductive move famous was American Beauty. When Lester is fantasising about his daughter’s friend, he dreams of her soaking in a rose petal bath. As we mentioned in our blog post it may be a seductive move but it does take a lot of time to clean up. Unless of course you’re dreaming it.

The Big Lebowski (1998)

Bath time is supposed to be a relaxing pastime, a moment to chill out. Unfortunately for The Dude (Jeff Bridges), his bath time is rudely interrupted by three Germans and an angry marmot. The scene is an excellent example of the slapstick nature of the film and The Dude’s “nice marmot” is one of the many quotes from the film that have become famous pop culture phrases.

Ghostbusters 2

Haunted bathtubs have appeared in a wide array of scary films and the Ghostbuster franchise wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to provide some bath time scares. The second Ghostbusters film may not be the most popular but it does feature a key bath scene where the running water turns into a pink slime that then tries to attack Sigourney Weaver. Turning a bathtub into a horror monster is no easy task and Digital Spy noted that in the film’s credits there was both a bathtub trainer and bathtub wrangler. The Ghostbusters franchised returned to the screens this year with an all female cast. Despite the initial backlash the film was well received showing that the Ghostbuster brand is still alive and well. To get a sense of how much the franchise is loved you only have to look at the unusual places it turns up. Digital outlet Slingo in the slot game Ghostbusters Triple Slim reference many of the franchise’s now iconic imagery. While the game may not include any bathtub slim there is no doubt that the scene has become one of the most famous moments from the Ghostbuster series.
The next time you run a bath, check to see if that pink goo is bath lotion or a killer monster.

Scarface (1983)

When Tony Montana (Al Pacino) made it big as a gangster he made sure that everything got upsized. The bathroom in Scarface is the epitome of the 80’s retro style and architecture. The image of Montana sitting in the bath smoking a cigar and watching TV is not only very cool, but also the perfect symbolism to show how far he had come from washing dishes at the beginning of the film. The scene has become one of the most recognizable in film history.
bath tub pretty woman

Pretty Woman (1990)

Julia Roberts bobbing her head along to music while soaking in the bath is exactly how we like to spend our bath times, and we even have our own bath time selection on Spotify. During the making of the film, Roberts got so into the scene that when she dunked her head and came back up she found that everyone had left the set.

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