In an era where we are very much connected to our phones and social media (which have at times been a downfall) is now proving to be beneficial. As the world plays a role in social distancing millennials are leading the charge with fun, light hearted and uplifting ways to stay connected. Can we just take a moment to single out and acknowledge how strong the meme game has been?!

1. Create Tik Tok Videos

This seem to be the latest craze taking over social media- Tik Tok videos! It seems like everyday more and more celebrities are jumping on this bandwagon and having fun sharing their creations. Time to share the fun and start creating your own- we could all benefit from some laughs (especially when the dance moves attempts fail). We of course love this one of our girl Lizzo!!


IM OBSESSED 🤦🏾‍♀️ ##fyp ##renegade

♬ Lottery - K Camp

2. Play Virtual Games

Are you used to your weekly poker game nights, or trivia nights at the local pub? Gather your friends (virtually) and try out some of these online games.

Pinturillo 2


Cards Against Humanity

 3. Video Hangouts Over Wine

Replace your coffee shop chats, post work pints or happy hour weekly catch-ups with some Facetime multi screen conference style chats. Bonus- you can keep your comfy pjs on!

Google Hangouts 

Zoom Conferencing 

4. Living Room Concerts

An artist needs to keep up their craft. Music is something that brings us together and can uplift our spirits, which is why it’s so welcoming at a time like this. Many famous musicians such as Keith Urban and John Legend are performing online mini concerts from their home studios. On a local note here is link to musicians from around town in Ottawa who are performing series of online shows.

5. Keep up with Workout Routine

Not only will keeping up with our physical activity help maintain a healthy body- it is crucial for our mental health including sticking with a routine. If you’ve always used to excuse ‘ I don’t have time in my day’ - well now there's time. There's a variety of existing apps and some of your favourite gyms and yoga studios are offering online classes, including our friends at Barreworks. Be sure to treat yourself with a relaxing, soothing hot bath after your workout!