kaia naturals focuses on products that are rooted in simplicity using natural ingredients with decades of history. Their products are uncomplicated yet luxurious. kaia naturals approaches their collections with thoughtful solutions to the growing number of concerns with products containing toxic ingredients, always conscious of their environmental impact and of course, without cruelty to animals.


Mary Futher has a wealth of experience in the beauty industry from marketing global brands and holding product development positions at a leading Canadian retailers. her experience has delivered awards for every product in the kaia naturals collection and has produced a line of clean beauty that is here to stay for many decades to come. Inspired by her 2 decades of beauty experience, her weekly blog shares her best advice to help you make cleaner beauty choices.


kaia naturals targets the beauty products with the highest toxic impact, they formulate clean alternatives that are luxurious, high performance and cruelty-free.


Every scent used in our products is specially formulated by a perfumer. We follow the standards for natural scents set by The International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

Their collection of products range from natural deodorants (our fav is the mandarin pomelo!) to dry shampoos. 


Bathorium is dedicated to being sustainably focused and environmentally friendly which is why we LOVE kaia naturals Vitamin Cleanse Bamboo Wipes. These bamboo facial cleansing cloths are soaked in natural and nourishing ingredients: organic honey, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, clinical grade pure essential oils and vitamins B12, C and E.