Oh My Swatch Review- Bathorium La Vanille

Bathorium La Vanille Review 

Okay, I admit I’m not usually one for baths but they are so relaxing that every time I have one I wonder why I hop in a bath more often. Enter Bathorium and their ginormous bath bombs. One of these beauties arrived in my mailbox recently, and immediately upon opening the box my boyfriend tried to stake his claim over it. Normally, he has little to no interest in what arrives in my packages, so I knew this was going to be exciting.

Look how pretty the packaging is.

It arrived nestled in its own little drawstring pouch with a tag that shows off the ingredients as well as instructions for use.


Instructions? For a bath bomb? Really? But, how hilariously cute are these!? I love a brand with a sense of humour!


La Vanille bath bomb boasts cocoa butter as one of its ingredients. Bathorium says “Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao): “The food of the Gods” Native to tropical South America, they produce fruit in their fourth year which in turn hold roughly fifty cocoa seeds. The butter is a natural emulsifier and softening for the skin. It is said to effectively relieve itchy, dry skin when applied topically. As Cocoa Butter melts in the hot bath water, the butter disperses and your bath becomes a decadent treat, softening your skin and hair.”  I say, my bath felt totally luxurious and my skin felt so soft. Even my dry scaly legs began to look like they belonged to a human, instead of lizard limbs.


Bonus? It smells amazing, and this thing is huge. Easily the size of a baseball, you could definitely use half for a bath and still feel amazing afterwards. But if you’re like me and a bath is a treat, why not indulge with the entire bomb in one bath?

I may have already ordered another (or two…), after all, I wouldn’t let the boyfriend use it since I had to review this one! There are 5 bath bomb categories on their website, including relax, rejuvenate, energize, au natural and even a section for kids! The only downfall? Wine not included.

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