Bathorium featured on Zencity Blog

Bathorium featured on Zencity Blog

You guys, these bath bombs smell incredible. I usually cut the bomb in half and use one for two baths. I am an avid bather. Give me a big glass of wine and a hot bath, and I will choose that over any Friday night party!

Earlier on this year, we attended the launch for Bathorium bath bombs at The Detox Market. Ever since finding out about Bathorium I have become a religious customer. I love that they use natural ingredients, and smell amaaaazing, but there is another reason I am a fan. The men behind the company, Gregory and Mathieu, are pretty much my #squadgoals in life. They are so passionate about what they do and so much fun to talk to.

Side note: I am a fan girl after only meeting Gregory and Mathieu each once. I am also not a stalker, I swear. But it does really help when you know the company you are supporting has incredible founders behind it!

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