In the latest installment of No Stupid Questions, Beauty Independent asked founders how the state of the rising supply chain cost translate into impacts on the consumer shopping experience.

Greg shared his take, and the impact to Bathorium over the duration of the pandemic.

Bathorium sources global raw ingredients such as vegan coconut milk from the Philippines, eucalyptus essential oil from Australia and raw dead sea salt from Israel. In the aftermath of the pandemic and the impact this has had on our supply chain, we have had to make more strategic partnership choices when looking at who purchases Bathorium products for resale and promotion.

Larger retail chains and subscription models require us to supply our product at a fraction of the cost as traditional retail and e-commerce sales. In a conscious effort to keep our prices obtainable, we are declining these opportunities and focusing on retail partners who understand the global supply chain inflation and can mutually respect our pricing and have lead time flexibility.