Little Charlie Toothbrush

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Carry the fun through your baby’s bath-time routine!

Conceptualized by a mom set on creating a better kid’s toothbrush, the Little Charlie Toothbrush is designed by dentists and features an ergonomic design that best fits their mouth and hands.

Thorough, gentle brushing. Soft, round-tip nylon bristles clean teeth without scratching gums
Easy grip, better habits. Teardrop-shaped handle is easy to hold and control with small hands.
More reach, less cavities. Slim neck and compact head can reach molars and tight spaces.

Choose from 2 sizes - circular baby brush suitable for 5-24 months & traditional kids brush suitable for 2-8 years.


  • Soft, round bristles for gentle brushing
  • Wide handle making it easy to use for both parents and baby
  • FDA approved design with BPA-free plastic handle
How To Use
  1. Guide brush gently between teeth and gums at a 90° angle
  2. Clean thoroughly with water
  3. Replace toothbrush monthly for effective and sanitary brushing
Care Instructions

After brushing, thoroughly rinse with clean tap water. Let the brush air dry between uses.

Caution: Do not chew. Children under 4 need adult supervision while brushing.

Formulated Without

At Bathorium we believe in ethically sourced, high quality ingredients. We also believe in not using anything harmful or questionable.

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