DubTub / Bathorium Reka Bath Board

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These reclaimed bath boards are constructed using old wood, salvaged anywhere from abandoned barns to old ships. Each dent or nail hole represents the remnants of a distant past, a reminder of the story once written within the wood.

The bath board includes spots for 2 tealight candles plus a convenient slat to keep your book, tablet, or phone!

🇨🇦  Handcrafted on Vancouver Island with wood sourced from local, independent sawmills 

STANDARD SIZE: 29.5" L x 10 1/2" D x 1" H

EXTENDED SIZE: 34" L x 10 1/2" D x 1" H

*Please measure your tub width to find the best fit!

Each bath board includes an innovative cleating system allowing you to easily adjust the wooden cleats to fit the inside of your tub preventing your bath board from falling off the tub. The cleating system is compatible with most standard bathtubs, including tubs with only a very small ledge on one side. 

Note: Bath boards are 30 inches in length, fitting most bathtubs installed in North America. We recommend pre-measuring the inside wall-to-wall dimensions of your bathtub to ensure it is no wider than 28”, giving your bath board enough surface area on your tub to not jeopardize its performance.

How to install your bath board:

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At Bathorium we believe in ethically sourced, high quality ingredients. We also believe in not using anything harmful or questionable.

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