bubble bath elixirs now available in 500ml size

Midnight Mint Loose Leaf Tea
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Tease Tea

This minty blend of rooibos, rose, ginger, sunflower & spearmint will leave you with the desire to unwind in your cozies or with a cozy crush! Caffeine free. 
+ Mint, rooibos, ginger, sunflowers, rose, spearmint
+ 50g resealable bag = up to 25 cups of tea


Tease Tea takes pride in selecting the top 10% of premium tea leaves from sustainably managed gardens from around the globe from places that practice ethical working standards. Feeling exotic? Have fitness goals? Need to unwind? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our mission is to seek unique blended ingredients to appeal to your every individual personality, goals and desires. Every single package of Tease Tea is packaged to order by our Founder & Tea Sommelier from our fulfilment centre in Ontario, Canada ensuring you receive the freshest and best quality of tea, every single time. 

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How to Use your Bath Bomb

Step 1 

Get Naked. 

Step 2

Fill tub halfway with warm water 

Step 3

Remove all packaging  (cloth bag and protective plastic).
Drop bomb under running water, continue filling tub. 

Step 4 

Get in & relax. You've earned this.