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Sudsatorium No de Cologne Bubble Bath
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Run a bath and imagine yourself relaxing along the Southend Pier. Harvested in Surrey, Epsom salt displays natural anti-inflammatory properties that can help draw out toxins from pores to cleanse and beautify your bare bits.

+ Made sans fragrance for sensitive souls.

+ Squirt under warm running water as you fill the tub. The stronger your water pressure (and the more you swish), the more epic your bubbles will be

+ Suitable for all skin types; especially sensitive, dry and mature skin

+ 250 ml (Approx 10-12 baths) 

+Pairs perfectly with any Bathorium Bath Bomb


Fresh Organic Cucumber Water (Cucumis sativus), Coco Glucoside, Organic Cold Processed Cucumber Seed Oil (Cucumis sativus), Cream of Tartar (Potassium bitartrate), Hand Harvested Epsom Salt (Magnesium sulfate)


At Sudsatorium our focus is always on making beautiful, highly effective products from scratch. As much as possible, we use fresh flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables gathered from our very own organic gardens, which we squeeze, squash, and infuse into our lovely bases made using only vegan-friendly raw materials and the finest essential oils from all corners of the world. At the end of the day, all this effort makes for beautiful results which we are extremely proud to call our own!  

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How to Use your Bath Bomb

Step 1 

Get Naked. 

Step 2

Fill tub halfway with warm water 

Step 3

Remove all packaging  (cloth bag and protective plastic).
Drop bomb under running water, continue filling tub. 

Step 4 

Get in & relax. You've earned this.