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If you’re anything like us, you know a bath isn’t just the act of bathing: It’s an act of self-care. A pause for yourself and your wellness. A ritual of self-worship. And for a ritual that meaningful, we happen to think you deserve better than the bath beads that have been adorning the back of your grandma’s toilet since 1990. You deserve a bath fit for a queen. You deserve Bathorium.

Clean, decadent ingredients. No toxins, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.

Why Bathorium?

Clean ingredients, decadent experience

Good-for-you Ingredients

Made with certified clean and cruelty-free ingredients, our bath products don’t just meet the strictest clean beauty standards, they’re packed with good-for-you ingredients, too.

No Residue, No Rinsing

Never shower after a bath again. (You can thank us later.) Our bath products don’t leave any residue on your skin or require any rinsing—you know, unless cold rinsing is your thing. 🚿

Hydrating, Never Drying

No need to lather on the lotion after a Bathorium bath: Unlike the average bath products that dry your skin, ours exfoliate, hydrate and soften with salts, clays, oils and plant butters.

Your Bath, Your Ritual

Make your bath your own: Sink into a creamy, decadent bath with any bath bomb, soak or treatment, or be your own Bathologist and mix them like a good cocktail. 🍸

discovering Bathorium was an absolute delight. These crush soaks have changed my relationship with taking baths and I can never go back.

Suzanne Figaldi, Victoria BC

I've been using Bathorium bath bombs for over 5 years now and I look forward to my weekly bath with so much pleasure. The quality is unmatched!

Julia R, Chicago IL

Obsession with the clay soaks is understatement. I feel like I'm at a five star spa in the hamptons. I'm a puddle of mush after I come out!

Lyndsey Hardaker, Ottawa ON

Bathorium Amber Glow Clay Mineral Soak 2KG

Mineral Bath Treatments

A mineral-rich, après-sweat bath soak

Post-workout? Check. Post-sauna? Of course. You name it, our mineral bath treatments are here for it: With a high concentration of salts and clays, they’re mineral-rich to help you recover from your sweatiest endeavours—and get the spa experience at home (without the spa price tag).

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Our Story

Take us back to Positano

Our story starts with a picturesque village perched on the cliffside of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, a weary backpacker, a nonna, and a clawfoot tub. The rest, as they say, is history.

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