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What safety protocols have you implemented during this time?

We have reduced the number of staff working in the office/facility to respect physical distancing. All staff entering the building adheres to proper sanitizing prior to their shift and regularly throughout to ensure the highest level of safety.

My order tracking has been stalled- is my package lost?

During these unprecedented times Canada Post & UPS are seeing higher than normal volumes and unfortunately deliveries are taking longer than usual. Typically our customers receive their order within a few days of ordering. We can guarantee it’ll be worth the wait!


What does 'slow release' bath bomb mean?

Slow release means the bomb won’t immediately dissolve in the bath right away. Most of our bath bombs take about 6-8 minutes in the hot water to completely dissolve allowing you to feel the carbonation while in the tub (it’s like a free massage!)

Are the bath bombs and bath soaks safe for pregnant woman?

All Bathorium products are phthalate free. For women with extra sensitivity, we recommend our Crush line of bath soaks as it is corn starch free! We do though recommend speaking with your doctor if you have concerns.

Will the bath bombs + CRUSH stain my tub?

Nope! All our products use minimal/no colour and any possible remainder of sediment in the tub can easily be rinsed away. Our Charcoal Garden Detox Bath Soak can leave minor sediment in the tub, but easily rinsed away and definitely worth it. You'll see.


How many uses do you get out of one bath bomb?

All of our bath bombs have been designed as a one bath use to allow our bathers to get the best experience in the tub. If you do want to save the bomb for multiple uses simply remove from water when desired and leave on a paper towel until the fizzing ceases.

When do I put the bath bomb in my bath?

When your tub is about halfway full, drop the bomb in under the running water to activate the foaming agents. Continue to swish and swirl the bath bomb throughout your tub until completely dissolved. Bubble bath can be used in conjunction with using a bath bomb. Although, you don't really need it!

Full instructions here



Do your products contain colourants and/or fragrances?

As of March 1st 2020, we have removed any artificial colourants and fragrances from all our products. You may still see some our or products out there that contain them that were manufactured before March 2020. We can confidently say across the board all of our products moving forward are free of any artificial colourants or fragrances.

I have sensitive skin, which products should I try?

Our first suggestion would be our Little Charlie bath soak as it’s designed for our most gentle bathers as it’s safe enough for newborns. Our Ancient Oat Hydration CRUSH is also great option! The MILK mineral bath soak is another one to try as it does not contain any citric acid. While citric acid safe and natural ingredient it can at times cause an irritation to very sensitive skin.

What makes MILK bath different from CRUSH?

MILK is our newest collection and our most hydrating bath soak yet. This soak has a creamy coconut milk, coconut Co2 and luscious oat milk create the base for this soak. This mineral bath soak also contains magnesium chloride.

Are Bathorium bath bombs the same size as other commercial bath bombs?

No! We are proudly 25% larger than bath bombs you may have purchased in stores and we are nearly 40% heavier due to the fact we use quality butters and oils (it makes a tub of difference- you'll see!) Weight is approx 10oz (or 340g)


Does Bathorium use sodium bicarbonate that contains aluminium?

Nope! We believe paying extra for quality base ingredients is well worth it, who wants to be in a bath of soda can bi-product?

Do you ship internationally?

Sure do! Worldwide shipping is available.


Are your bath products nut allergy friendly?

Our bath bombs + CRUSH use ingredients such as sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, coconut oil and Shea butter. We do our best to keep our raw product from touching other bath products but they are all made in the same facility and we do not guarantee a nut free product on any of our bath products.

Where can I buy your products?

Online through Bathorium.com or one of our retail partners CLICK HERE for our complete stockist list

Can I send products as a gift to someone?

Yes! Who doesn’t love a surprise gift?! We never include an invoice in your package so they won't be able to see order totals. 

I can’t find a product I bought last year? Did you discontinue any items?

While all of our creations are like our children and we love them, for some it’s time to say goodbye. We believe in always creating like mad scientists in our laboratory and reformulating products, discontinuing certain ones, revamping ones from the past with a new twist, and trying to be as innovative and creative as we can. If you have an idea or dearly miss an old favourite, please us know!

What is the shelf life of CRUSH, Bath Bombs & Elixirs?

We suggest using our products within 12 months of opening. You may notice BePure Elixir will need a shake if it’s been sitting for a while, but then it’ll be as good as new!

Can I mix Elixir with Crush or Bombs?

Not only can you- but we encourage it!! If you haven’t experienced this combination, you’re in for a treat! We have taken the guesswork out of it for you as well and listed all the pairings in the product descriptions (under COMPLETE YOUR TUB)

Do you partner with any charities?

We are all about self-care, but it doesn’t stop there. We are proud to have partnered with Main Street Community Services since our inception and organize a yearly fundraisers for them along with a portion of the proceeds from all Little Charlie sales are donated to their organization. Main Street is an Ottawa based organization dedicated to supporting kids and adults with mental disabilities.

If you have an upcoming event or fundraiser and think Bathorium would be a good fit, please contact marla@bathorium.com to find out more information

Is Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacotate listed on your bath products ingredient list safe to use?

Absolutely. All of our ingredients are 100% safe topically for the skin, SLSa is derived from palm trees and helps to create the bubbles and soften the bath water.

For more information check out this blog on SLSA.



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