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Our Ethos

We don’t throw responsibility out with the bath water

Our ethos is to be as responsible and transparent as possible, formulating bath products that aren’t just fit for a queen (you’re said queen, obviously), but protect people and the planet 🌎

Our Ingredients

Natural, nourishing, and never compromising

We’ve been sourcing ingredients globally and ethically since 2014, intentionally crafting every Bathorium bath soak with certified clean, cruelty-free and fair-trade ingredients, scented with organic essential oils and coloured with botanicals. Because we like to think nature is the best medicine.

But don’t take it from us: We’re verified clean by The Good Face Project, rated zero (for toxins, carcinogens and allergens, oh my!) by the Think Dirty app, and certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. Because we happen to think you deserve better than greenwashing.

Made without artificial ingredients, toxins or carcinogens—because your body deserves better.

Our Supply Chain

Ethical, traceable sourcing

We only partner with suppliers whose practices are ethical and ingredients are traceable—and we champion those suppliers to continuously improve their operations to meet local and global labour and sustainability standards. By knowing where our ingredients come from, we can assess their social impact and conserve the biodiversity of our planet by not overharvesting them. It’s a win-win.

Packaging we’re proud of

Local, recyclable, biodegradable

We source 80%+ of our packaging from within Canada to minimize our CO2 emissions from transportation. And that packaging? It’s not just pretty—it’s 95%+ recyclable and biodegradable, which means you can throw it in your local curbside collection or compost. Because landfills are overrated.

We make our pouches and bottles with PET, a 100% recyclable plastic that was made to be multi-use

We removed the zipper from our single-use Crush Bath Soak pouches, reducing net new plastic by an average of 120 kg per year

We replaced the plastic inside our Bath Bomb boxes with recycled cardboard, reducing net new plastic by an average of 450 kg per year

We make all our pouches with 30% post-consumer recycled plastics and are working toward 40% by 2025

We make all our cardboard from FSC®-certified materials, protecting the health and resiliency of our forests

We opt for a reduced printing method, saving 25% to 50% of ink compared to traditional printing methods

Our largest packaging supplier’s manufacturing facility is powered by Bullfrog Power, a source of renewable energy

95%+ recyclable and biodegradable packaging

How to Recycle your Empties

Elixir Bottles

Curbside recycling bins (plastic).

Ensure bottle is rinsed.

Pouch Packages

Empty any last bits of soak within bag. These can be mailed back to Pact Collective

Elixir Metal Cap

Rinse cap of any residue. Can be placed in aluminum can curbside recycling or mailed back to Pact.

Bath Bomb Boxes

Curbside paper recycling bins.

Ensure they are flattened.

Shrink Wrap on Bath Bombs

These unfortunately cannot be recycled due to their composition. We are actively innovating to replace this material.

Shipping Box

Curbside paper recycling. Flattened. Tape is paper based and can be left on the box.

Green Eco Bubble Wrap

In your order you may have received our green eco-bubble wrap. This is made using 40% PCR plastic and is recyclable #4 where accepted.

Brown Paper / Printed Invoice

You have receive paperwork on and in your Bathorium order that is also fully recyclable in your curbside bin.

Our Mail-back Program

For those hard-to-recycle empties

We partner with Pact, a non-profit that recycles the beauty industry’s packaging that’s too small, too flexible, or otherwise not best suited to curbside recycling (like our pouch packaging or Elixir Bubble Bath bottles and caps). Together, we can prevent Bathorium packaging from ending up in a landfill.

1. Collect your empties

Collect 5 to 10 clean empties from Bathorium—or any other brand—to mail back to Pact.

2. Mail them to Pact

Find a Pact location or generate a shipping label through our Pact page, and mail your empties back to Pact.

3. Get $5 off

Because Pact is a non-profit, you’ll have to pay $5 for shipping—but we’ll gift it back to you with a $5 discount code

8,000 kg

Of carbon emissions offset in 2022

Our Carbon Emissions

100% carbon-neutral shipping

Truth? Carbon emissions from shipping your bath products contribute to climate change. But thanks to Planet—an app integrated in our checkout process—we offset 100% of our carbon emissions from shipping, making every delivery of Bathorium carbon-neutral. Make your bath hot, not the planet.

What is Planet?
Planet automatically calculates the estimated shipping emissions of every order. We pay for those emissions to be removed from the atmosphere through carbon-removal solutions, like reforestation and soil carbon storage. If that’s not technology at its finest, we don’t know what is.

Sink into self-worship

Sink into a Bathorium bath and soak up the good-for-you ingredients. Wine, optional.

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