Bathorium x DubTub! Canadian-made, artisan bath boards

Bathorium x DubTub! Canadian-made, artisan bath boards

What started out as a way to simply pay his bills, Adam Kauffman began working in his woodshop crafting custom coffee tables. But then someone reach out to him with an ask of a handcrafted bath board, Adam accepted the job and it it ignited a passion in him and propelled him into founding DubTub. 

Adam's dream was to transform the undeniable functionality of the classic bath board into a thing of beauty. Through accentuating the rich wood finishes and natural, raw features of the wood grain, DubTub bath boards bring the tranquil elements of nature into your bathtub and transform it into a home spa getaway.

From his workshop on Vancouver Island, Adam works with local, independently-owned sawmills to source the best quality wood, often from British Columbia.

Watch along as Adam visits once of his favourite saw mills:


Shop the DubTub x Bathorium collection here.

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