I Tried A 'Blackout Bath' and Here's How I Felt

I Tried A 'Blackout Bath' and Here's How I Felt

Trendy baths are nothing new around here - if there is a bath trend, we've tried it. Moon baths, detox baths - even ice baths!

So when Greg shared about his newest addition to his self-care routine - 'Blackout Bathing' - and how good it is for refreshing your mind and giving your senses a much needed break, I filled it into my internal catalogue of things to try one day.

He explained that bathing in a fully dark room (yes, fully dark with no candles) can calm your senses and help you restore the balance. See, as you float away in darkness it gives your body a full break from the overstimulation and when you pair that with the comfortable, relaxing warm water and your favourite beneficial bath soak it can truly be transformative. It's like your own personal float-tank type soak from the comfort of your home!

On one random doozie of a Tuesday when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed the idea of a Blackout Bath popped back into my head. After a long day of work and parenting - mid-winter and mid-pandemic mind you - I had just had enough. Touched out, my mind spacey, and just generally feeling depleted and empty I decided it was time to test out this new trend for myself.

I cleared my evening calendar, explained to my husband that I was going to be taking a special bath and to keep the kids away at all costs, and set out to start picking exactly what would be in this special tub!

After some deliberation I decided on Hinoki Magnesium Bath Flake because I love magnesium, and wanted to ease sore muscles. My skin needed a refresh too so I also added in 1/4 cup of Milk Mineral Soak and then a few tablespoons of Charcoal Garden Detox Crush just because I can't get enough of that Spicy Basil and Rose scent.

The bath was drawn and now it was time to get myself ready for the darkness. I placed a towel and my trusty water bottle within arms reach and flicked off the lights and slowly creeped towards the tub.

From the moment I got into the water I knew this was a trend that needed to stay. As I floated in the dark abyss my mind began to wander first with to-do lists and ideas flooding forward, but as I gave my body time to adjust I could feel my mind slow. I do have to say that not having a sense of time was something that I found hard to move past - and listening to your body really giving yourself permission to soak as long as you need is key. You really have to trust your senses and listen to what you're feeling when you're in complete darkness!

As I began to feel like I was coming to the end of my soak just as the water was going from warm and comforting to tepid, I took a moment to focus on if I actually felt any different from the start.

Here's what I noticed:

  • My mood was far more relaxed and I was less concerned with what needed to get done once I left the bathroom
  • I no longer felt 'touched out' and my capacity for endless hugs and comforting boo-boo kisses had returned
  • I felt like I was coming out of a long meditation session
  • I was better equipped to handle any stressors that evening had in store and I felt ready to return to life in the daylight! 

I (very carefully) got out of the tub, popped on my robe and decided to lay quietly in bed for a few minutes to extend this blissful state as long as I could! 

Final report: This is something I am going to absolutely keep in my self-care toolkit - both for those stressful days but also was a special treatment to get energized and fresh for the week!

Want to try Blackout Bathing for yourself? Here's some tips I would recommend!

  • Draw your tub BEFORE turning off the lights
  • If you are someone that would find it hard to sit in complete silence, start your blackout bath journey by playing our Sound Bath Playlist
  • Keep water nearby - you will get thirsty and it will be distracting!
  • Same goes for your towel - you don't want to be searching around your bathroom with the lights off
  • This is not a good bath to bring your glass of wine. Save the libations for your next candlelight soak.

There you have it! We highly recommend trying a Blackout Bath for yourself.

Try one for yourself? We want to see it! Tag us on Instagram at @livebathorium 🤍✨

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