Real parents share their experience using Little Charlie Bath Soak + Bubble Milk ⛵

Real parents share their experience using Little Charlie Bath Soak + Bubble Milk ⛵

We've partnered with the Good Face Project to consult with real parents over 30 days to document their experience using Little Charlie for the first time on their kids with sensitive skin and dry skin ailments like eczema.

Parents replaced the products in their regular bath routine with Little Charlie Soak + Bubble Milk over 3 weeks to see how it impacts their child's eczema and dry skin concerns.

Here's what they had to say:


After the 3-week trial, here's what they reported:


Final thoughts:

My son suffers from eczema. He gets flare ups that are hard to control with prescription creams. I started using Little Charlie & instantly saw a reduction in the redness of his eczema. After a few baths his flares were better under control than with his prescription creams! I am amazed! His cheeks usually always stay red from his eczema & after using Little Charlie it subsides dramatically!  -Ashley L. 

My daughter has an eczema patch on her foot that gets worse in the winter and this time of the year was a perfect time to test this product. I can honestly say that this product works! It helped so much to calm that irritated skin and the eczema patch is almost gone. It makes it so easy to not need anything but the water to wash her and she smells so good afterwards.  -Olga P 


Want to read the full report? Click here!  

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