GIFTED: Newsletter Feature & Giveaway

GIFTED: Newsletter Feature & Giveaway

Bathorium was selected to be featured in GIFTED's June newsletter. Our newest line, Little Charlie, was part of a giveaway. We are proud to say that GIFTED also highlighted us as one of their featured companies who support charities or not-for-profits through their proceeds.

Shop smarter by making purchases from our favourite companies who have chosen to support an initiative with their proceeds.


GIFTED is a purpose-driven company created to encourage people to use their events as a platform for giving back.

They know that gift-giving is a timeless practice, but it also needs to get with the times. Technology has changed how we reach those around us, and GIFTED offers an all-in-one solution for creating and sending out invitations, managing guest lists, and receiving cash gifts or donations. They also believe that giving back is a way to change the world (and ourselves) at the same time. Love animals? Donate to an animal welfare organization. Care about healthy eating? You can help fight childhood obesity.
After all, that’s what being GIFTED is all about.

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