Marilyn Denis: 14 gift ideas to show mom how much you love her

Marilyn Denis: 14 gift ideas to show mom how much you love her

We're so thrilled to be featured in Marilyn Denis' Mothers Day gift guide!

From Marilyn:

The best bath bundle
Nothing says 'best bath ever' more than North America’s largest bath bomb! The Aphrodite bath bomb from Bathorium weighs in at over 1lb. Pair that with their milk coconut and vanilla mineral soak, and becalm bubble elixir and you’ll be in a hydrating, softly-scented heaven!
Watch the full guide here:
Mother's day is around the corner, and if ever there was a year where you should shower your mom with lavish and thoughtful gifts - it's this one. Whether you're in close quarters during lockdown or separated due to travel restrictions, showing mom just how much you appreciate her will make this pandemic experience a little better for both of you. And if you're a mom yourself who's reading this, consider this your permission to treat yourself this year. You deserve it!




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