Giving Back This Mother's Day

Kaleo Collective
This Mother's Day, we are honored to be partnering with Kaleo Collective - a Canadian non-profit that supports single mothers on their parenting journey. Kaleo (ka-leh-oh) means 'to invite' and as such, this collective seeks to bring single mothers together to connect, heal and grow. Kaleo is an initiative that goes full circle - providing mothers the tools and support to realize their full potential which allows them to help their children realize theirs.
Kaleo Collective
Founded in 2016 by Layna Haley, who was a single mother at 16, Kaleo has grown to include chapters in Edmonton and British Columbia, along with a vast network of volunteers and supporters. Kaleo's mission statement is simple and profound: "To create a community of empowered single moms building wholehearted families by breaking cycles of financial and emotional poverty through support programs."
Kaleo Collective
This year, we will be matching donations made during Bathorium's checkout process leading up to Mother's Day and for the month of May. Please consider joining us in this initiative as together, we can make a difference in the lives of so many. 
Click here to learn more about Kaleo Collective.
Kaleo Collective Mother's Day

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