Meet the Team

Gregory Macdonald
Founder + President

Taking a bath to some may be a nightmare, to others it may just be a daily routine- but for Greg Macdonald, it is a way of life. After spending years and countless dollars on mediocre bath products, Greg founded Bathorium and set out to create premium bath soaks that not only give a unique experience for the bather but also a product that the user can benefit from both physically and mentally. Favourite Crush is Northern Sage Recovery and favourite bath bomb is CocoCreamer, the original bath bomb that started it all…

Mathieu Roy Chabot
Production Manager + Co Founder

Mathieu recently moved to the bustling city of Toronto in 2012 from Montreal and has found a new passion in people, lifestyle and bathing. With a keen eye for impeccable products and a love for innovation, Mathieu joined Gregory in the Bathorium adventure. What Mathieu loves about taking a bath is the "me" time, time to turn off the cell phone, turn off the television and focus on self-reflecting. Mathieu enjoys taking baths in total darkness with the light flicker of a candle, and a small stream cold running water. Favourite Bathorium bath bomb is J'adore Matcha with a little bit of BeRejuvenated Bubble Elixir.

Jiali Ou
Graphic design and packaging specialist

The love of colours and vivid imageries has been Jiali’s design inspiration from the start. Now, she is a graphic communication designer and founder of PBDen Graphics Communication, working closely with clients to help full fill their passions through design. She is experienced in both print and digital media and consistently aims to create a rich, meaningful and visceral user experience. Jiali has received a Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University, and is specialized in brand management and identity. Her favourite Bathorium Crush is Sea Kelp Serenity, as it leaves you feeling silky smooth and moisturized. It’s relaxation at its finest

Christine File
operations and vendor relations manager

Christine was born and raised in Ottawa but after living abroad for a few years now regularly returns to Europe to fulfill her love of traveling. Not a morning person by nature, she fell in love with her nightly bath routine: candles, a book and bubble are a must! As an entrepreneur she has worn many hats and thrives off ad hoc work and the unknown of each day at work. Her previous experience and skills with organizing ( insert- type A organizing lover) are an asset to keeping things running and handling all the little tasks that can get overlook with a booming business. Christine’s favourite Bathorium product is Eucalyptus Apothecary CRUSH - makes her baths feel like she’s at a spa!

Alyse Kirkby
lead sales and vendor relations manager
Be good to your skin, you’ll wear it everyday for the rest of your life. A graduate of Sheridan College Aesthetician program Alyse has worked all the angles of the beauty industry - spas, retail and make-up artistry. She thrives on providing the full customer experience through connecting with customer needs, building confidence and enhancing natural beauty. Favourite product has to be the Boreal Fog bath bomb!
Victoria Medeiros
sales manager

Victoria is a student in her final semester at the University of Ottawa, studying at the Telfer School of Management. Whether she had a day of school or work here at Bathorium, her evening routine consists of a warm bubble bath with candles and music.

Victoria’s favourite Bathorium product is the BePure Elixir - leaving her skin feeling fresh and hydrated!

Our Warehouse Team

Also known as 'The Book Club'