Love Is In The Air: 5 Ways To Celebrate February 14th

Love Is In The Air: 5 Ways To Celebrate February 14th

The calendar is about to flip to February. Does that make you start to wonder when spring will arrive, that you already forgot about your resolutions for the New Year OR that Valentine's Day is within weeks?

Let's focus on the latter as it is a time to not only shower those we love the most in our lives but also give a little extra love to ourselves. After all we deserve it- it's been quite a wild ride the last 12 months. So whether you are 'Single as a Pringle' or a 'Delightful Duo' there are many ways to enjoy and soak up (pun intended.. see #3) the day we celebrate St.Valentine.

1. Put Pen To Paper

Pens, paper.. this may have become a foreign concept to some of us in our digital age. There is however something very romantic and personal about a handwritten note that cannot be replaced by an e-card. Take a moment to write a letter to your loved one, whether it be partner, sibling, close friend or heck- why not to yourself... #selflove

2. Food for the (Heart &)Soul

The ole saying goes that cooking is the way to a partner's heart- what better time to explore that with an online cooking class. These type of classes are popping up all over the place- and the best part is you can now experience one from any city since they are all virtually offered. If flying solo, get your girlfriends to sign up and enjoy the virtual company and all the leftovers to yourself! 

3. Welcome, Aphrodite!

She is goddess of love, pleasure and passion. Indulge in what may just be the most opulent bathing experience you've had to this day. Meet, the Aphrodite Bath Bomb! Once this fizzy bomb glides into the water, warm and rich cascades of vanilla, chocolate absolute, and wild Bulgarian rose start to flow throughout the tub, and creamy coconut milk sets the mood for a decadent bath fit for the Gods. 

4. Something Sweet

What is a lovely culinary meal if not followed by an equally decadent dessert? Skip the store bought treats and whip up a batch of your own creation- don't forget to lick the spoon! Feel like you're ready for more of a challenge then simply dipping strawberries in chocolate? Throw on that apron and try out a twist on the quintessential Valentine's Day sweet with this Strawberry-packed no-bake cheesecake with a chocolate cake bottom.

5. Surprise Your Friends

Any time you receiving an unexpected and surprise gift is a wonderful treat, and especially this time of year to express how much your friends mean to you. Due to the pandemic you have likely gone through friend-withdrawals and miss them dearly, so why not send them over a little something to show your love for them. Bonus, support a small business at the same time with by shopping local.







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