A Time To Refresh: 5 Ways To Update Your Bathroom

A Time To Refresh: 5 Ways To Update Your Bathroom

Welcome into 2021! A new year is officially upon us. Not a fan of New Years Resolutions? Or always fail to keep them past February?

Here is another take on a new year.. click refresh on your bathroom. We all crave a space in our home to retreat in order to recharge and relax. Love your bathtime routine but not overall environment? Experts weigh in on the top 5 tips to bring you one step closer to a blissful oasis.

1. Towel Refresh

The days of using mix 'n'match towels you've accumulated over the years, beach towels or towels that are barely hanging on, are gone! Invest in decadent, matching, super absorbent towels that will embrace your skin once out of the bath.

2. Rise UP

Is your bathroom short on space? Welcome to the club. The best to way to maximize a space and stay organized is to utilize vertical storage. Get creative with new furniture and shelving to organize items in your bathroom.

3. New Hardware

Not ready to invest in any major renovation projects- not to worry. Simple and affordable small touches such as changing the cabinet knobs, towel hooks will make an immediate impact in your space while on a budget.

4. Think Sink

If you're ready for a bigger refresh, a great place to start is the sink. You probably don't walk out of your bathroom without using it- so it's a worthwhile investment. Think about how you use your sink and that area. Do you need more storage underneath? Prefer two sinks? Large trough more your style?

5. Mirror Mirror on the Wall...

Who really is the fairest of them all? Snow White aside, you want to put your best face forward and a great mirror plays a role. Ditch the basic builder mirror and let your style and personality shine with a new mirror.

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