From Narcity:

This season is the perfect time to show people just how much they matter — from friends to employees. After all, where would Santa be without his elves? But finding a meaningful corporate gift isn’t always easy.

A good place to start in your search for holiday cheer: Canada's very own mom-and-pop shops. There are so many unique finds to choose from, and you can feel good knowing you’re making a sustainable choice.

Holiday Bath Soak Trio By Bathorium

Snowy weather calls for long baths, and what better way to indulge in the cozy vibes than with some luxurious products? Ottawa-based Bathorium crafts small-batch bath bombs, soaks and bubble oils with no harsh additives and zero synthetic fragrances.

Gift Better Co., a gifting company based in Ottawa, works with small businesses to curate custom client and employee gifts for some of Canada’s leading companies. Plus, each gift box supports a charitable initiative.

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