Ellen's Winter BE KIND. box ft. Milk Mineral Soak 🙌

Ellen's Winter BE KIND. box ft. Milk Mineral Soak 🙌

Hand-picked by Ellen for the Winter BE KIND. by ellen box Milk Mineral Soak was featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show

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What better way to get ready for the new year than to focus on YOU and get some well-deserved self-care. 

This box includes self-care essentials hand-picked by Ellen, from brands like Tease Tea, NodPod, The Human Being Journal, Feya + Rae Wellness - all socially-conscious brands that give back!

What's Inside?

Tease smart heated mug product

Tease - Wellness Tea Blends

Smart Heated Mug Kits

Tease creates blends and complementary accessories like the Smart Heated Mug Kit, designed for people with high-temperature standards keeping your beverage warm for hours. Creators of the world’s first fully biodegradable and refillable tea collection, Tease's wellness-centric blends support your daily rituals with a portion of their proceeds from every order supporting women in business through mentorship, funding, and education.

$75 Value
NodPod weighted eye mask product


Weighted Eye Mask

NodPod believes in the clinical phenomenon of Deep Touch Pressure — the science of applying gentle pressure to your body to relieve stress and anxiety while promoting deep and restful sleep. That’s why they created NodPod weighted eye masks. It’s like a hug for your head and helps you sink into a deep and restful sleep in any position.

$34 Value
Mahara Mindfulness journal product

Mahara Mindfulness

The Human Being Journal

The Human Being Journal is perfect for the busy go-getter seeking a mindfulness practice that decreases stress and enhances wellbeing. The best part? A percentage of every journal sold goes to supporting global mental health organizations.

$45 Value
Bathorium milk bath soak product


Milk Bath Soak

Bathorium created a clean beauty and wellness movement with their Milk Bath Soak, consisting of creamy coconut milk, coconut Co2, and luscious oat milk. They donate a portion of their proceeds to Main Street Foundation, which aims to help kids and adults with mental disabilities, and to the Born This Way Foundation.

$19 Value
Feya reed diffuser product


Reed Diffuser

The Reed Diffusers at Feya fill the air with incredible smelling aromas with a long-lasting fragrance. Their mission is to lift individuals out of extreme poverty, and they believe that together, we can make the impact we want to see in the world!

$28 Value
Rae Wellness supplements product

Rae Wellness

Wellness Supplements

Rae Wellness is a holistic wellness company that Ellen is a proud investor in. Rae donates 5% of all revenue to Girls Inc, the non-profit organization that inspires girls to be strong, smart, and bold through direct service and advocacy.

Get a BE KIND. box for yourself here! Until February 8 save $10 off your purchase with code BATH10.

About BE KIND. by ellen:

Curated by Ellen

Ellen hand picks products she loves that are cruelty free, sustainably sourced, and ethically made.

For a better world

We believe in leaving the world better than how we found it. Every season, we’ll introduce you to brands who do good and give back to their community.

Delivered to you

Every season, you will receive a new box featuring brands who are changing the world. When you use these products, you’ll be reminded of the impact you’ve made.


So Far They Have...

  • Donate $100,000 to the ASPCA
  • Give 75,000 masks to care workers
  • Help Plant 1,000,000 trees in our national forests
  • Provide jobs to women in need in South America, Asia, and the United States
  • Donate to children globally through UNICEF
  • Help fund clean water projects across the globe
  • Provide Solar Lights to children in need in East Africa
  • Help reduce single use plastic and paper waste
BE KIND by ellen Winter Box 2021 contents


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