From the Author Katie Berohn:

There are few greater joys in life than a well-drawn bath. While I’m an advocate for taking baths all year long (yes, even in the summer!), the feeling of taking a bath in the dead of winter, preferably with snow on the ground, is unmatched. 
In my opinion, the absolute best way to take a bath is by tossing in a bath bomb. For such a simple little product, bath bombs are the whole package: They can fill your bath to the brim with bubbles, make your whole bathroom smell intoxicatingly good, soothe pain or stress, and even help hydrate dry skin.


Katie recommeds Aphrodite Bath Bomb for your best luxurious bath experience. Let your bath erupt in an explosion of blooms with this lavish bath bomb. Vanilla, cocoa, and rose help calm your senses while coconut milk and kokum butter nourish.

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