2020 Summer of Self-Worship

2020 Summer of Self-Worship

This is the time of year we usually relish the longer days, warmer nights and all that glorious sunshine! While this summer may look quite different, there are some ways to ensure Summer 2020 can be fabulous by incorporating daily self-worship practices.

Morning Outdoor Workout

At the crack of dawn, ok, maybe not that early- but take advantage of the early bright start to summer mornings to fit in an outdoor workout. As most gyms and fitness centers remain closed, take advantage of jogging around your neighbourhood, practicing yoga on a mat in your backyard or in a nearby park. Your mind & body will thank you for starting your day off on the right foot. 

Practice Bathing Bliss

To achieve this goal some steps should be taken even before you turn on the tap. Firstly, ensure your bathroom is clean and tidy. The last thing you want to be thinking while trying to relax is - "hmmm when was the last time I washed the mirrors?.. I need to tidy the countertop". Next, make sure you leave your cell phone outside of the bathroom! Bring in a book or play some relaxing music or just relax and enjoy some silence, but whatever you do ensure you are present in the moment of your bathing ritual. Most importantly is to ensure you add in products to complete your decadent bath.

Sunburn from those morning workouts? Try a cool water bath with J'adore Matcha Bomb. The avocado butter will help to hydrate and nourish the skin, while the peppermint acts as an anti-inflammatory, and finally matcha has firming and anti-oxidizing properties.


MILK Coconut + Vanilla Mineral Bath Soak is another great summer bathing option, especially if your freshly exposed skin has been getting lots of sun. MILK is our most hydrating bath soak yet, with a base of creamy coconut milk, coconut Co2 and luscious oat milk are sure to hydrate your summer skin.

Power Of Mother Nature

Summer 2020 is the perfect time to enjoy the little things (since big travels or get togethers may not be feasible due to varying restrictions). Mother Nature has you covered from walks in your local neighbourhood, nearby trails, gardening in your backyard or maybe even a short drive to some water. Breathing in fresh air is a key element to self-care, along with soaking up some sun and moving your body. You don't need a passport or travel plans to experience Summer of Self-Worship.

DIY Recovery Mask

All that time soaking up the sun can leave your face red and a little more than the sun-kissed look you were hoping for. Beauty salons are closed, can't get to your spa for a facial- here is a perfect summer face mask.


Pro Tip: the key to a great matcha mint face treatment is high quality matcha

As social restrictions start to loosen up and we are able to enjoy the great outdoors once again, some may be left overwhelmed with feelings of restlessness, loss, frustration, and most of all uncertainty. One thing we can all control is our outlook and how we take care of our mind & body. 



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