Behind the Scenes of a Bathorium Photo shoot

Behind the Scenes of a Bathorium Photo shoot
You've probably seen the photography that we shoot here at Bathorium.
We love highlighting the lifestyle of our mantra of #bringbackthebath
 We start planning every shoot with one unique factor, what vibe are we looking to portray through our imagery. We set the tone during the shoot and encourage everyone from our art director, photographer and models to get in right mood- it shows in the photos. 

In some shoots we have encouraged the vibe to be PASSION, in others it's been GIRLS NIGHT IN. 

We use items like a doughnut buffet to tequila and pizza pizza to help create the atmosphere. We feel this Ora of energy shows through the Bathorium lifestyle pictures and helps capture what we are all about. 

Getting that perfect shot 

Our amazing in house team of photographers work to capture the perfect picture of the model in action. We get on furniture, climb on shoulders and have even got into the and all! 

In addition to Bathoriums team taking the imagery we have also brought on incredible talent like Karolina Jez in the past to help create Bathorium content and showcase our mission.

The behind the scene images were taken on a Fuji X-T20 on a kit lens, 18-55m


Olivia is Bathoriums heart, spirit and vivacious personality. She loves brunch on Sundays at a local Toronto hotel restaurant, or occasionally when a girlfriend is hosting. Weekly routines are yoga at trendy King West studios and lunch is 9/10 times a healthy salad- but a poutine always sneaks its way in. 

Green juice is a must, candles can't be too strong and wine is therapy. She's career focused climbing the ranks at ELLE magazine and writes freelance on the side for impactful editorials. 

Travelling is done in style- Mackage bags and loyalty club memberships so there is no waiting. Where to next? She has her eyes set at a Bali retreat, Spring 2018.

Olivia unwinds in her condo soaker tub with Norah Jones piano album on shuffle. Recently getting into murder podcasts though- they make for thrilling stories while soaking. 

Olivia is strong, independant and doesn't need validation. She's fearless, polished and on a mission to #bringbackthebath

Olivia xo


We proudly shoot our Bathorium lifestyle content at the Shangri-La hotel in downtown Toronto. Bathorium holds a special place in our heart for Bathorium, it's not just the gorgeous soaker tubs and white marble aesthetic- it's where founders Gregory and Mathieu began the company. 

Bartending back in early 2014 is where Greg and Mathieu met and began the journey of Bathorium. It was here that at some point you may have heard them discussing the benefits of cocoa butter and lavender essential oils instead of shaking up a $20.00 martini. 


Choosing our Bath Squad 

Our B Squad are comprised of bath lovers. Friends of the company who share our passion of the bath and are down to jump in a hotel bath half naked, drink some champage and go home with Bathorium products. 

Want to shoot your own content shoots for your small business? We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Shoot us an email


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