Why the new Norah Jones album is your new Bath Playlist

Why the new Norah Jones album is your new Bath Playlist

Norah Jones New Album 'Day Break' is Literally the Perfect Bath Playlist

When concocting your perfect bath, some prefer absolute silence- others prefer music playing in the background. Here at Bathorium, we love a good bath playlist of soothing tunes flowing throughout the room as the candle lightly flickers and the wine lightly condensates on the glass. It's truly perfection. 

Last year we brought you our Top 10 Songs to Have in Your Bath Playlist  which as done the trick up until now. Last week when Norah released her new album, it changed everything for us Bath addicts... it's just too perfect! 

Soothing Tone 

The tone of Norah Jones is everything when you are relaxing in the bath. Her voice has a grounding earthy vibe that seriously allows you to unwind. Her mysterious lingering notes and delicate piano strokes make this album bath-tastic. 

From Day Break here are our Top 5 Favourites for your next Bathorium Bath: 

1) Don't Be Denied 

2) It's a Wonderful Time for Love

3) Day Break 

4) Carry On

5) Sleeping Wild


Check out Norah Jones on Twitter


Enjoy beauties. Download her album & thank us later! 


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