Travel with a carry-on ... and your self care! 3 tips we swear by ✈️

Travel with a carry-on ... and your self care! 3 tips we swear by ✈️

Now that life is resuming as we all learn to live with Covid-19, we find ourselves daydreaming about our next flight.

Anyone else want to join us in Bali for an Eat, Pray, Love moment? 🖐

But along with this excitement, comes the reality of extensive travel delays, cancellations and endless time in the airports. 

But how could beauty-obsessed self-care junkies possibly travel with just a carry-on? 

Here's 5 tips were swearing by! 


Don't toss all those tiny empty containers! Clean them once you've used up the product and store them safely for when it's time to travel! 



Plan to buy any personal care items that are easy to find in your destination in mini size. Use it up while you're there and skip carrying them in your carry-on entirely! 



With all that extra room in your personal care bag, prioritize bringing single use items that will refresh and transform (like a blissful soak!). Then treat yourself to a few new products at your destination and you can travel home safely with all the extra room.

We've created the ultimate self-care bundle just for this occasion - featuring Bathorium, Tease Wellness + LOHN


Know before you go! 

TSA CBSA Travel Guidelines for liquid + powder
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